9 New Simulations Available!

Polyhedron Learning Media is pleased to announce the release of nine NEW Polyhedron Physics simulations, including a NEW Physical Optics and Nuclear Physics Bundle. These simulations have been added to the original set and can be used by those with a subscription to Polyhedron Physics, at no additional cost.

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POLYHEDRON PHYSICS Teacher Materials are included with each Polyhedron Physics order. Teacher Materials include printable Instructions and some Example Methods.

POLYHEDRON PHYSICS + Teacher Guide is included with each Polyhedron Physics + order. The Teacher Guide includes Teacher Notes, Post-Lab Quiz with Answers, Questions with Sample Answers, and Sample Lab Reports.


PackageSingle User*50 Seats*150 Seats*300 Seats*500 Seats*1000 Seats*
Polyhedron Physics$30$750$1500$2700$4000$7500
Polyhedron Physics +$30$750$1500$2700$4000$7500
Individual Bundle$15$300$750$1000$1500$3000

*Licenses are valid for one (1) year.

For questions and custom pricing options, please contact us.

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Thermodynamics Bundle +

Specific Heat of a Metal
Specific Heat of a Metal
Use a calorimeter to measure the specific heat of a metal.
Joule Heating
Joule Heating
Use a calorimeter to investigate electrical energy and thermal energy.
Gas Laws
Gas Laws
Use a syringe, masses, a thermometer, a hotplate, and a water and ice bath to investigate Boyle’s Law and Charles’s Law.
Archimedes Principle
Archimedes Principle
Use a laboratory balance, metal samples, water, and alcohol to investigate Archimedes’ Principle, and to determine the mass densities of solids and fluids.
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