9 New Simulations Available!

Polyhedron Learning Media is pleased to announce the release of nine NEW Polyhedron Physics simulations, including a NEW Physical Optics and Nuclear Physics Bundle. These simulations have been added to the original set and can be used by those with a subscription to Polyhedron Physics, at no additional cost.

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POLYHEDRON PHYSICS Teacher Materials are included with each Polyhedron Physics order. Teacher Materials include printable Instructions and some Example Methods.

POLYHEDRON PHYSICS + Teacher Guide is included with each Polyhedron Physics + order. The Teacher Guide includes Teacher Notes, Post-Lab Quiz with Answers, Questions with Sample Answers, and Sample Lab Reports.


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Polyhedron Physics$30$750$1500$2700$4000$7500
Polyhedron Physics +$30$750$1500$2700$4000$7500
Individual Bundle$15$300$750$1000$1500$3000

*Licenses are valid for one (1) year.

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Electricity Bundle 1

Ohm’s Law Apparatus
Ohms Law Apparatus
Use a resistor, a power supply, a voltmeter, and an ammeter to investigate the relationships between the voltage, current, and resistance in a circuit.
RC Circuits
RC Circuits Apparatus
Use a power supply, a voltmeter, capacitors, and resistors to investigate resistor-capacitor (RC) circuits.
Series and Parallel Circuits
Series and Parallel Circuits Apparatus
Use resistors, a power supply, a voltmeter, and an ammeter to investigate the effective resistances of circuits with resistors in series, in parallel, and in combinations of series and parallel components.
Electric Motor and Pulley
Electric Motor and Pulley
Use an electric motor, a pulley, slotted masses, a power supply, a voltmeter, and an ammeter to determine the efficiency of an electric motor, and to investigate how the mechanical load and the applied voltage affect the efficiency.

Electricity Bundle 2

Kirchhoff’s Circuit Laws Apparatus
Kirchoffs Circuit Laws Apparatus
Use power supplies, resistors, and ammeters to investigate Kirchhoff’s Circuit Laws.
Wheatstone Bridge Apparatus
Wheatstone Bridge Apparatus
Use a slide-wire device, a variable resistance box, and a fixed resistor to investigate a Wheatstone bridge circuit.
Electric Field Mapping Apparatus
Electric Field Mapping Apparatus
Use silver paint electrodes on resistance paper, a power supply, and a voltmeter to measure and diagram the equipotential surfaces and electric fields produced by a line of charge, two lines of opposite charge, and two oppositely-charged parallel plates.

Electricity Bundle 3 NEW!

Resistance Coils Apparatus
Use wire coils, a power supply, a voltmeter, and an ammeter to investigate the dependence of the resistance on the length, cross-sectional area, and resistivity of the wire.
Long, Straight Wire Induction Apparatus
Use a long, straight section of ten-loop wire coil; a power supply, an ammeter, and a magnetic compass; and a sine wave generator, an inductor coil, an AC voltmeter to investigate the magnetic induction of a long, straight wire.
AC RL, RC, and RLC Circuits
Use a sine wave generator, a resistance box, an inductor coil, a capacitor, and an AC voltmeter to investigate the phase relationships among the voltages across the components in RL, RC, and RLC circuits.
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