9 New Simulations Available!

Polyhedron Learning Media is pleased to announce the release of nine NEW Polyhedron Physics simulations, including a NEW Physical Optics and Nuclear Physics Bundle. These simulations have been added to the original set and can be used by those with a subscription to Polyhedron Physics, at no additional cost.

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POLYHEDRON PHYSICS Teacher Materials are included with each Polyhedron Physics order. Teacher Materials include printable Instructions and some Example Methods.

POLYHEDRON PHYSICS + Teacher Guide is included with each Polyhedron Physics + order. The Teacher Guide includes Teacher Notes, Post-Lab Quiz with Answers, Questions with Sample Answers, and Sample Lab Reports.


PackageSingle User*50 Seats*150 Seats*300 Seats*500 Seats*1000 Seats*
Polyhedron Physics$30$750$1500$2700$4000$7500
Polyhedron Physics +$30$750$1500$2700$4000$7500
Individual Bundle$15$300$750$1000$1500$3000

*Licenses are valid for one (1) year.

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Light Bundle

Ray Box and Mirror
Ray Box Mirror
Use a plane mirror to investigate the relationships between object and image distances and angles of incidence and reflection.
Ray Box and Lenses
Ray Box and Lenses
Use a ray box and a convex and concave lens to investigate the properties of converging and diverging lenses.
Ray Box and Refraction Cell
Ray Box Refraction Cell
Use a ray box and a refraction cell to observe the refraction of light, to demonstrate Snell’s Law of Refraction, to observe total internal reflection, and to determine the critical angle for water.

Light and Sound Bundle

Resonance Chamber
Resonance Chamber
Use a tube and plunger, a sine wave generator, a speaker, microphones, and sound level meters to generate standing sound waves, locate nodes and antinodes, measure the wavelength of a sound wave, and determine an experimental value for the speed of sound in air.
Ray Box and Rectangular Prism
Ray Box and Rectangular Prism
Use a rectangular prism and a ray box to investigate the refraction of a ray of light.
Ray Box and Triangular Prism
Ray Box and Triangular Prism
Use a triangular prism and a ray box to investigate the refraction of a ray of light, determine the minimum angle of deviation, and demonstrate critical refraction and total internal reflection.
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